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On the Starbase Indy Podcast we talk to and about people who are inspired by Star Trek and science fiction to work towards a hopeful future in the real world. Many of our guests have been or will be presenters at the live Starbase Indy convention, which takes place in Indianapolis every year over Thanksgiving weekend. We talk to actors, scientists, musicians, writers, creators, fans, engineers, and geeks. Learn more about the live event and the mission at

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5 days ago

David Welch is the founder of the Experiential Gamer and PopUp Escape Rooms. He brings his events to conventions (He'll be running the Secret Aboard Starship Astraeus at Starbase Indy in November). We talk about his philosophy of game design, and how an experience room is different than an escape room.

Saturday Sep 24, 2022

Carl Taliaferro talks about his career as a makeup artist. Hear him discuss the biggest misconceptions about prosthetics makeup, the disadvantages of late night shoots, and what it takes to make a good makeup artist.

Saturday Sep 17, 2022

Shannon Eichorn is a scientist and a science fiction writer who has been writing about body snatching aliens since 8th grade. She talks about her work on Project Black Book, and about the engineers who have inspired her work and her life

Saturday Sep 10, 2022

Larry Nemecek is the biggest Star Trek fan in the universe - having written books like the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion and Star Trek: Stellar Cartography. He got his start decades ago, and has interviewed more than 500 people about their involvement in Star Trek. Along the way, he's worked on fan films and his own documentary, as well as podcasts like PORTAL 47 and TREKLAND. We talk to him about the origins of Star Trek fandom, and about what's changing as Trek moves into its new incarnations.

Saturday Sep 03, 2022

Paul Allor was just announced as the winner of the 2022 Indiana Author Award in the Genre category for Hollow Heart, his independent comic. His history with comics includes highly recognizable universes like Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, Samurai Jack and many others. We talk about his writing process, what people get wrong in their heads about comic book production, and his history of adding in queer characters, often for the first time in a well known comic cannon. 

Saturday Aug 27, 2022

Award-winning filmmaker Demetrius Witherspoon created the Submerge Universe, which includes not only live action movies, animated movies, comic books, novels, and a wide variety of merchandise. We talk about what he likes about creating across such a wide spectrum of possibilities, and how he got his start in filmmaking.

Saturday Aug 20, 2022

Travis Faas teaches interactive media experience design. His interests include not only a variety of alternative realities (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality), but also in how people learn to create and design in those spaces. 

Saturday Aug 13, 2022

Author ES Fein is making his first appearance in the Starbase Indy vendor room this year. He's lived and worked around the world, using those experiences to inform his science and speculative fiction. 

Saturday Aug 06, 2022

Our guest Austin Owens describes maker spaces as "community gardens for your mind." He should know, he's been involved with local maker space Cyberia for 12 years, and leading it as its president for the past half decade. Austin is studying engineering at IUPUI, and we talk a bit about his research project on the strongest infill for 3D printing (it's not what everyone thinks it is.) 

Saturday Jul 30, 2022

Liz Bolger loves her job, teaching science to kids. She talks about how she got started, how she engages her audience, and gives advice for parents on how they can get their kids engaged in exploring the worlds around them.

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